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Interior Design 


Clients are advised to read these in advance of any payments to “Handle Studio Inc” as the initial 

deposit is deemed an acceptance of these terms. 

Handle Studio Inc, Handle and Handle Studio are all trading names for GB & KM ltd, and referred to below. All payments must be made to either Handle Studio Inc or GB & KM Ltd.

Formation of Contract

1 - These Terms and Conditions together with the estimate of works (“Estimates”) provided by Handle describe the services and set out the entire agreement between Handle and you (the “Client”) and will apply once an appointment has been made with Handle to provide services (the “Services”), if at this stage you have any questions you feel have not been addressed, it is the clients responsibility to raise them. 

2 - Before procuring the Services you should read these terms and conditions carefully. You are advised not to use the service of Handle Studio if you do not agree to the terms as stated. 


Scope of work 

1 Handle Studio is retained to provide interior design services only. Handle is not a general contractor and will not act in such capacity. Any issues concerning construction elements must be discussed between owner and his/her contractor. 

2 Handle Studio will endeavour to advise the client of the predicted timescale of works as soon as is possible after the estimates have been agreed and a contract formed. All such dates shall be approximates only and Handle  Studio cannot be held responsible for any delay in completion. 

3 Handle Studio is responsible for organising Third Party companies, firms or individuals (“Third Party Suppliers”) to undertake certain work for the Client, such as decorating, building work, carpet fitting, curtain and blind manufacture and fitting and such other work as confirmed by Handle. In some instances the client will be required to pay upfront for these services, but will be informed in advance if this is a stipulation. (please see 'third party suppliers' below). In other some circumstances a management fee will be applied.

4 Due to the nature of the Interior Design business we cannot guarantee that Clients will always like our recommendations or final products. Interior Design can be subjective. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any refunds for bespoke items,  in this case you will be liable for the full amount stated . However please feel free to contact Handle Studio and we will be happy to discuss the design concept further over the phone and perhaps make further recommendations in person or via phone, site visit or email in special cases. 

Client Obligation 

1 The Client shall ensure that the property is accessible to employees of Handle Studio and any third party suppliers providing services throughout the duration of the works. 

2 The client will ensure that utilities such as electricity and water are available for use at the property throughout works and at no cost to Handle Studio. 

3 Clients are expected to collect items from the business address in circumstances where Handle Studio is unable to deliver within an accepted time frame. Delivery fees will apply and the client is expected to pay for carriage. In all circumstances

Third Party Suppliers 

1 The Client will form a contractual relationship with Third Party Suppliers where necessary, unless a management fee has been applied and will be responsible for managing these relationships and any financial settlements direct with Third Party Suppliers. Handle may coordinate the services and financial settlements with the Third Party Suppliers on their behalf, as part of the service undertaken, but the Client will remain ultimately responsible for the contractual relationship with the Third Party Supplier. 

3 Handle Studio is not responsible for forming any contractual relationship on behalf of the client. All bills relating to 3rd party suppliers must be settled in full by the client on receipt of an invoice from the 3rd party supplier or Handle. 

Payment and Billing Terms 

1 The charges for the services are set out in the Estimate as provided or updated by Handle and communicated to the Client, in some cases verbally. 

2 Payment should be made by cash or cheque with supporting guarantee card or by bank transfer. OR can be made by card payment at the business address. 

3 All Cheques should be made payable to Handle or as confirmed by Handle

4 All payments to Handle Studio are due within 14 days upon presentation of invoice, either on receipt of the invoice by email or by post., Or are dealt with at the discretion of Handle Studio.

5 Interest at the rate of 5% per month shall be payable on all accounts not settled by their due date. 

6 Compound interest will then be applied and added monthly thereafter from the due date until the settlement is received. 

7 Should Handle Studio have to instruct a debt recovery agency, or instigate legal proceedings, the Client will be liable for any costs incurred. 

8 Payment of any type relating to the estimate shall be considered to be an agreement of the terms and conditions as set out here. 

9 In situations where Handle Studio is employed to provide services only, work on or off site is charged per hour at an agreed price/hour, for example styling and art hanging, purchasing, other activities may well fall into this category, such as research, involvement with Third Party Contractors etc. 

10 If a client uses the services of Handle Studio then proceeds to purchase or procure items as suggested in the design proposal, then Handle Studio will apply a 10 %  charge based on the proposed estimate as a fee and a charge of £75 + vat per hour ( eg. Handle Studio, makes a site visit ,measures  estimates and consults, provides a design scheme, and offers a design solution which the client then uses to inform purchases from a 3rd party supplier or online. This is  to cover time and costs involved in running a studio and professional advice.

11  Handle Studio will take no responsibility for items made to customers own size specifications. It is recommended that the client has the measurements taken by either Handle Studio or their nominated subcontractor. 

13 Handle Studio will in some instances require payment in full for items prior to ordering - particularly in cases where it is supply only, or customers have used Handle Studio to procure items outwith the design proposal on their behalf. 


1 The copyright, design right and all other intellectual property rights in any materials and other documents or items prepared or produced for the Client by or on behalf of Handle Studio in connection with the Services shall belong to Handle Studio absolutely and any such materials, documents or items shall be or remain the sole property of Handle Studio. 

2 Handle Studio shall be permitted to use photographs of the Client’s property which demonstrates the Services provided by Handle Studio for its own marketing purposes. Unless the client states otherwise. 

3 The client shall be entitled to use any such materials, documents or other items as are referred to in paragraph 10.1 in connection with the Services but shall not be entitled to copy any such items or use them for any commercial purpose. 

Further information 

1 All mood boards/ scale drawings are charged at £200 + vat /per room,  if there are multiple changes , this may incur a further cost.

2 Initial consultations are free within a 50mile radius of G51 3BA  All further work carried out will be charged at at the discretion of Handle Studio.  This may include fuel and travel cost for which an invoice will be sent.

3 Consultations beyond this geographical area are charged at £150/hr + VAT inclusive of travel time, at the discretion of Handle Studio.

4. Discounts are applied at the discretion of Handle Studio. 

5. Handle Studio cannot be held responsible for changes in colours relating to batch numbers, we shall endeavour to make sure that all batches are correct at time of order but subsequent orders cannot fall under the same set of responsibilities. 

6 Handle Studio is not responsible for the fading or degrading of fabric, the peeling of wallpaper or the misuse/staining or degradation of furniture, upholstery or furnishings. The client is advised to seek professional advice when cleaning all soft furnishings. Handle does NOT advise washing curtains in any circumstances and all after care is the responsibility of the client. In worst case scenarios dry cleaning should be carried out with Handle taking no responsibility for changes in the colour or structure of the product.  Independent decorators are responsible for making sure that the products they use are suitable for the job.

7 The Handle Studio office may on occasion be closed and this may affect delivery schedules and other aspects of your contract, but the client will be informed of such circumstances to avoid inconvenience where possible.

Terms and Conditions 

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