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Led by its founders, Gillian Brown and Karlyn Evans, Handle Studio designs' spirited sophisticated spaces, each with a unique identity. Our aim is to bring something new to every project, in our selection of fabrics, furniture, lighting and art, combined with a layering of materials and finishes. Our love of colour, comfort and textures helps us to deliver designs that are intuitive, bespoke and refined. This is always handled with a sense of joy, enthusiasm and a sense of fun.

Our large library and extensive resources, our continual happy hunt for the new plays an integral role in developing each scheme. We take time to refine and reflect so that our designs result in a carefully balanced, honest response to the clients wants and, we hope, beyond their expectations.

Gillian has a Degree from Glasgow School of Art in Product Design, and has worked extensively in interior design since graduating. Karlyn's degree is from Heriot Watt University in Textile Design, and she has subsequently worked in interior design, embroidery design and styling for many years.


We are cousins and have turned every family occasion into an interior design consultation or architectural site meeting much to the chagrin of the rest of them. 




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+44 141 463 0981 | 07971 501990 | 07977 487412
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